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10 Best Remote Work Job Sites to Get You Started on Your Location Independent Journey

Have you ever dreamt of escaping your 9 to 5 grind? Hoping. Wishing. Wanting for more flexibility and the freedom to work and live anywhere you choose? Fijian island in the middle of a Peruvian forest? Or maybe sipping a Vietnamese iced coffee while the latest Mowgli track trickles through your eardrums is a little further up your alley? Feel like you would want to pinch yourself awake?

Fear not young Padawan! The life of remote working (and living) is a mere browse away.

At Two Wolves Roam, I want to help as many people as I can get out of their office and on the road, boat, bike or yacht. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 resources to help you do just that!

Here’s my go-to remote work site list:

1. Remote OK  — from Peter Levels of the infamous Nomad list offers up a really useful resource that helps you find a job you can do from anywhere, featuring thousands of remote jobs from pretty much every field you can think of. You can even browse the list of highest paid jobs (which could come handy when you’re negotiating salary).

2. Working Nomads — are great for remote jobs in multiple fields, like finance, development, sales, writing and even legal. Sign up for their newsletter to get up to date information about new jobs delivered right to your inbox.

3. Jobspresso — brought to you by Clarence Kin. This is an awesome handpicked listing of remote careers available for applicants outside the US. Yay! This site features a really good collection interesting and innovative companies to work for.

4. Jobbatical — may be my favourite. Globally minded with destinations from Bali to Barcelona. This is the site to check out if you’re willing to swop out your current 2×4 cubicle set-up for something foreign and possibly exotic. And with stints of 12 months and exciting projects to boot, this one’s worth the exploration. Literally.

5. The Muse — isn’t is a great source of jobs which have both freelance and remote potential. They do also have great articles on getting ahead in the shifting workspace which alone has massive value.

It won’t be as easy, but lots of things that are worth doing aren’t easy. It just takes commitment, discipline, and, most important, faith that it’s all going to work out.

Jason Fried, Remote: Office Not Required

Why not give it a try?

6. AngelList — is another anomaly, not strictly remote focused though you are able to filter and there are numerous positions which are open for remote working. This site does have amazing opportunities for those seeking to work in the scrappy startup scene and is worth having on your radar.

7. Power to Fly — a really great platform to check out for remote work in tech for women specifically. One benefit worth noting is the end to end process in which they assist you (including salary negotiations).

8. Inbound — a great for those specifically in marketing and those looking at remote marketing roles. And with a community of over 140,000 marketers, I would without question mark this site as my first port of call.

9. Jobscribe — good one if you’re not in the mood to scroll through and search job boards but rather have a remote list of jobs sent to you every day. This subscription allows for jobs which are handpicked and tailored to your specific preferences.

10. Skip the Drive — has a catchy (and appropriate name), with a large number of options for remote work with handy filters and advice in the world of working remotely. This is one site which may have you swapping the morning gridlock for PJ’s in no time.


11. Europe Remotely — a great option if you’re looking to work within a European timezone, whether you’re from Europe or not. This site is full of job listings from companies that are happy to work with at-home and remote employees. This site’s especially handy for those of us struggling to keep up with EST and PST time zones.

Wishing you the best of luck on your job search! Please also keep in touch so that I’m able to share in your journey to a life of your own design!

10 Best Remote Work Job Sites to Get You Started on Your Location Independent Journey

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