A little bit about me & Two Wolves Roam

Taste it,” my father would say. “Taste it. Just taste it. Try…

They are such simple words but ones which echo most viscerally in my mind now. It is as if my life has come full circle. My childhood and past experiences melding together in what can only be my ‘why’. Carved within my heart. Strings pulled to a long ago tune I am only now remembering. 

You see, as far back as memory serves, I’ve been the curious kid. The typical ‘why’ child. Always inquisitive, always questioning, always challenging the status quo. Along for the ride; an inherent need for freedom, flexibility and autonomy.  

I’m not sure if it’s a case of nature or nurture. The jury’s still out on that one. All I do know is that a life of mundanity and sameness is not an option. 

It may have been growing up with my formative years spent between farm life in the dry and rocky Cederberg, with most days spent gratefully unsupervised. The bustle and vibrancy of the cosmopolitan Cape Town, City Bowl. It could be the memory of sugary fingertips and the scent of pumpkin and cinnamon fritters in my granny’s kitchen. It could be the memory of squelching my tiny feet into the cool white west coast sand, trying my best to imitate uncle Jurg who was intent on making a white mussel catcher out of me or the afternoon sun slowly sinking on the horizon and the telling scent of fynbos still mingling effortlessly into the haze of the salty sea air.

It could be the countless road trips along lesser taken gravel routes which invariably ended with us – more often than not – at some undiscovered address. My father was partial to going where no man had ventured before! Maybe it was being born into a foreign, mixed race parentage in the ’80s in South Africa that may have added the dash of spice which ensured I grew up to know and embrace ‘different’ as my normal.

This seems to have all added to this amalgam of my love of moments. Because my memory is not linear or logical but rather lives in the space of nostalgia. The sparkle of bubbles in a glass and the laughter of friends. The smell of canola fields in a blur of yellows. The taste of my first bite of a Poke Bowel made in an old forgotten kitchen.

Maybe it is to pull people into the beauty of a moment, that space yet undiscovered, that I am here. To remember or take hold of the simple experiences that we are each gifted. That of the exquisite impermanence of the here and now and the openness to discovering that something new. Whether that be in the shape of a taste, smell, sight or sound.

And I find the most natural and powerful of catalysts to this call in the form of storytelling through my soul stirring loves of travel, food and drink.

“If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food, it’s a plus for everybody. Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.” 

Anthony Bourdain

This is me. A writer seeking truths through travel. The darks and lights and shades in between. I want to taste it all. Experience all the flavours of life. Like Mr Bourdain before me, I want to dive down that rabbit hole and see all the colours, cultures, chaos and clarity that can only come from exploring parts unknown.

And share them.

Welcome to Two Wolves Roam, a hopeful home to my thoughts and meanderings, travels and adventures both here in South Africa and those to come in places and spaces both near and far.

My name is Shanna Lindinger, South African/ German-born writer and wildish hearted wanderer. 

I do hope you’ll join me on this most oddly poised journey to some extraordinary learning and growing before us, as we walk this yellow brick road together! 

The world is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark.

– John Muir

It’s hats off and glasses up boys and girls! May we meet at a local cafe or in the foothills to somewhere extraordinary as strangers, but depart as friends!

You are welcome to reach out to me here.

Shanna Lindinger, a roaming writer from South Africa. :)