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How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


Blog Post - How to become a Pinterest virtual assistant

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Do you find yourself browsing Pinterest in your free time? Do you want to work remotely from anywhere or simply from home? But more so, run a super profitable business from home? Then I highly recommend becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant (or VA), is a person who helps business owners and now to a growing extent – bloggers – with their administrative tasks. A virtual assistant’s role – as the name implies – is done online and from home (or from the Alps in Switzerland), making it the perfect job for people wanting to make extra money, or for those who want to start their own fully fledged remote business.

What does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

Comparatively new in terms of a role next to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a Pinterest virtual assistant is a where you help grow your clients’ businesses specifically through the social media platform, Pinterest. Though Pinterest tends toward a search engine and not just a social media platform. As a blogger myself, analysing traffic sources, the majority of my traffic right now comes from Pinterest. So as more and more businesses (and bloggers) realize the potential of the platform, there’s going to be a MASSIVE need for Pinterest VA’s. Busy entrepreneurs and bloggers alike don’t necessarily have the time, or frankly the interest in devoting time to learn the ins and outs of the platform. That’s where you come in: You offer your expertise and services and manage the platform for them. Turning your hobby into your hustle…

What specifically does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

There are a number of things you can do for your clients including but not limited to:

  1. Graphic design work i.e. designing pins for clients (I recommend PicMonkey or Canva)
  2. Setting up your client’s Pinterest business page
  3. Writing SEO-rich descriptions
  4. Setting up a pinning schedule (I do recommend Tailwind)
  5. Joining Pinterest group boards
    and a couple more!

Can you make a full-time income as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Short answer? Yes! And you can do this two ways: Work for one client full-time, or have multiple clients that you work for part-time.

Following this strategy, you can make even more cash by scaling your business by hiring your own VA’s to help with your workload. For example, if your client is paying you $15/hour to schedule their social media, you could outsource the job to a new Virtual Assistant and pay them $10/hour. This means you pocket $5/hour for just setting up this arrangement. In the beginning, you will likely be training and double-checking your new hire’s work, but this will decline proportionately to your employ’s time on the job and growth in confidence. Thus, over time, you will be able to grow your virtual assistant business to operate with minimal supervision, allowing you to focus on other passions, spend time with your family, travel, or branching out into other services like freelance writing for example.

No idea where to start? No problem!

If becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, but you have no idea how to master the platform, how much to charge, or where to get clients, help is here!

Two blogging Pinterest professionals and lovely humans to boot, Kristin and Gina are real MASTERS of Pinterest! They have loads of courses and eBooks on their platform, including their new course, Become a Pinterest VA Today! which was designed for people looking to make extra money as a Pinterest VA OR start a full-fledged Pinterest VA business.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re brand new to VA services or Pinterest
  • You want to make extra money helping bloggers and business owners from home
  • You’re already a VA but are looking to scale your business and make more money
  • You love everything visual and have an eye for design (though, being a designer is NOT required!)

Start your Pinterest VA Journey today?

Ok, maybe not today. And the only reason why is the Become a Pinterest VA Today! course is only available four times per year. BUT, just because this isn’t one of those “do this anytime courses” doesn’t mean you can’t sign up to the waitlist here. Because the reality is that the demand for Pinterest virtual assistants is only going to increase. So it’s about getting in on the game earlier rather than later and taking the first steps in starting toward your own business and finally getting financial and time freedom, to the life of your own design. Imagine. No more going to the office every day. No more watching passively as your life passes you by. No more. Get to working your own times and setting your own schedules. And with automation, things get even better! You’re in control.

The world is going online at an ever increasing pace. Creative, entrepreneurial, tech and other online associated occupations are at the fore. And with this, comes the very real need for virtual assistants. Those orientated and versed in social media (especially Pinterest) have a foot up. So why not start with Pinterest first and see how this course can help you turn your pinning hobby into a real income earner.

Great news is the course is opening THIS THURSDAY, 13 September! Get on the waitlist here! Early birds apparently have traded in for discounts? Modern times!

Have you thought of Pinterest beyond a hobby? 

How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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