My Collection of Blogging Resources

My Collection of Blogging Resources


So if you’ve ever gotten into anything, whether that’s planning, booking, creating… You know there are a sh*t ton of different resources and tools out there! I know, and being me, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time figuring so much out! Sometimes feeling like I’ve waded through a marsh of ivy. So I completely identify with the struggle being real.

And tending towards sharing my last Rolo (even though I am more of a Toffifee fan), I created this page. A space dedicated to recommending specific blogging orientated goodies which I have personally used or those I know and trust have recommended to be of value to you on your journey to becoming an independent blogging addicted badass.

This list of resources is all based on whether your goal (like mine) is to be an independent entity, free to roam the world over or just stay in your PJ’s at home.

This list of (hopefully) useful information will always be evolving. So please do check back from time to time as I tweak and improve it as needed.

Blogging Things

The truth is – whether you’ve just begun on your journey – or are looking to improve on your blogging skills, you would have come to a point of realisation that the options available to you are of an undeniably staggering number. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, I get it. I hope I can help with the following – my top picks to date.

Superstar Blogging

Without reservation, Nomadic Matt is a legend in the world of Travel Blogging. I have been following Matt on and off way before I even considered this as my full-time occupation and that’s been a while, so I have no reservations in recommending Superstar Blogging as course material to seriously consider. If you need direction, clarity or are just tired of digging through a slew of random websites and feel like you’re going nowhere slowly, whether you’re keen on becoming a successful blogger, travel writer, photographer or filmmaker, take a minute to check out which one of the Media School’s courses best suite you. What have you got to lose? Besides, if you’re totally not into it, aka. this is not your cup of java, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee in place.


If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog for a cheap and cheerful price, then  Bluehost is a really great alternative to your needs. Bluehost is the number one hosting platform recommended by WordPress as well as being voted one of the top web hosting companies in 2018. So you can start your own blog with them for as little as $3.95 a month! Also, you will get your domain for FREE if you buy a 12 month (or longer) blog hosting plan if you sign up using my link. Read my, “How To Start A WordPress Blog with Bluehost” here.


I really do love ConvertKit. 

ConvertKit is a complete “set-up-and-forget-about-it” automation engine. If you’re wanting to run your own course, for example, Convertkit takes everything on autopilot seamlessly. You can even “tag” your subscribers matching to their interests, and set up automation rules so you hardly ever have to log into your account (all the magic happens automatically!)

I originally started up my email list with MailChimp (which is what most folks use), but I have just never gotten the handle on Mailchimp. I came across ConvertKit and switched over less than a week in. And honestly, this was the best decision I’ve ever made for my blog! If you’re keen to try an alternative, click here to check out ConvertKit for yourself!


Themify changed my life! I honestly suck at coding (or at least I’m not passionate enough to learn the nitty-gritty to get a self-made blog up and going. The timeframes alone leave me a little queasy! So, Themify totally changed things up for me! If you have budget constraints or are even thinking of website design as a career or side hustle, Themify is a brilliant option! The main difference or buy-in for me was the awesome DRAG-AND-DROP functionality. In a relatively short time and not too steep a learning curve I got to building my very own sites! There are also a bunch of templates for specific niches, all “ready-made” with skeletons in place, like this one. Which is really cool if you’re not into starting from scratch yourself. So for me (for now), it’s Themify for the win!


Tailwind is for all the Pinterest lovers out there and one tool which I have just started using. So this blurb will be updated at a time. The general positive feedback and recommendations on this App, however, are what got me signed up. What Tailwind does, is it allows you to schedule your Pinterest pins (much like an App like Planoly is to Instagram). Except Tailwind can be used on both. What I love though is that it then lets you look at analytics which it pulls so you can see what’s working for you and what isn’t. I have no doubt this is going to save me a ton of time in the future and definitely allow me to further automate my blog functions. Like the sound of Tailwind? Click here to check it out for yourself!


It really was a toss-up (literally) when deciding between ConvertKit and Aweber. I got ConvertKit. Ended up really with them so… What I can say though, is that the positive feedback on these guys is also amazeballs and I would no doubt have gone with them had I not found CK so simple and straightforward. There are super successful bloggers (including Making Sense of Cents’ Michelle Schroeder-Gardner) currently using these guys. Needless to say, they come highly recommended. So I thought why not at least give them an honourable mention in case you’re looking for a secondary alternative to Mailchimp.
Click here to check out Aweber!


Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and The Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course or MSAM for short has literally changed the way I see Affiliate Marketing! I have to be honest, though I have been following Michelle and jotted her path to success (which has been mindbending for me), I was still a little fearful buying into the course and committing. Especially when converting over to my local currency! But I risked the biscuit! MSAM is the real deal. So I’ve listed the course here as Affiliate Marketing is/ will be a BIG part of your blogging income stream. If you’re considering getting started like me, this is a massive resource which is 100% worth the investment. With Michelle making a SIX FIGURE income from blogging, I’m not sure about you, but I’ll take any imparting of wisdom!