Cape Town Voted Best City by Travel & Leisure

Cape Town Voted Top City by Travel and Leisure Readers

Cape Town seems to have been a busy lady over the past few years. Since 2014, the Mother City has been featured on the likes of Buzzfeed, the New York Times, and National Geographic alone. In 2016 Cape Town was awarded the Conde Naste Readers’ Travel Award for Best Overseas City in Restaurants & Bars. In addition to this, Conde Naste also rated the Mother City as the number one food city in the world. I’m a foodie. We have a few incredible hidden (and not so hidden) gems.

Then in 2017, besides making Fodor’s Go List, three Cape Town breweries topped the South African list compiled by travel experts Lonely Planet, in a new book exploring the vibrant world of craft beer. Yes, Cape Town is more than a Wine-Lovers destination now. We can proudly add Craft Beer and even a burgeoning Gin movement to the list!

So it seems more than a haul-trick has been achieved with Cape Town officially landing yet another global award. This time as part of Travel and Leisure’sWorld’s Best Awards survey, where T+L asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe. Readers rate cities on a number of factors, including their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value.

Among the enduring likes of Florence; Rome and Kyoto, Japan, Cape Town managed a steady 12th spot and a score 87.63 out of a 100. But we get it. There are particular destinations which come to find a firm place in the hearts of any traveller. And it is without any surprise that Cape Town has been found to be one of them. The truth is Cape Town like any third-meets-first-world country has its fair share of teething problems. But that aside, it is still a destination worth its weight in gold.

Below are a few of the reasons why I love Cape Town. Despite it being the city of my birth.


Cape Town Beaches

Whatever my proximity to the ocean, I’m happiest closest to it. And Cape Town – no doubt – does have the most incredible beaches. But don’t take my word for it, National Geographic named Cape Town as number two on its top 10 list of best beach cities in the world. 

Without a doubt one of my favourite places on earth! There’s something magical about Misty Cliffs… Maybe it is the mist that hangs here most of the year, that give it another world feel. I can’t explain it. There’s a magic here. . . If you’re keen on the coastal drive (which I highly recommend) Misty’s lies between Kommetjie and Scarborough and sits almost invisibly in the mountain side. A small stone sign all that really indicate you’ve arrived. I guess because there’s not much here aside a few houses. . . But if you’re wanting to find a quiet piece of beach to just unwind, or into catching a surf, the barrels this tiny piece of coastline pumps out are worth the drive – no lies! . . ・・・ 📷 @stefan4kruger

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Cape Town Road Tripping 

I am a sucker for a road trip. I’m not sure why I love road trips so much but I do. I can literally hop into a car with no particular destination in mind and just drive. Whether it’s within the city confines or on the outskirts, there are so many amazing places that I have found through these unplanned ventures.


The Foodie Scene

No matter what you’re seeking to find, there is a style, taste and budget to suit just about any mood in Cape Town. In Cape Town, you can literally go from sipping on Bordeaux style wines at Marianne Wine Estate with incredible views of the Simonsberg mountains at the foreground. And within no time, be sitting down to eat an oh-so-good burger and sipping on Craft beer in the urban hipster-hood of Woodstock with Table Mountain as your backdrop. Prefer a taqueria? Sushi? Ramen? Fine-dining? Experiencing cocktails with a story? Cape Town is an epicurean delight.

Marianne Wine Estate. “South African Terrior. French Savior Faire.” This is the doorway to a rather remarkable space indeed! Located in the heart of Stellenbosch and around 35 minutes drive from Cape Town, this lesser-known boutique wine estate is an absolute delight. Incredibly inspiring views of the Simonsburg Mountains meet truly exceptional wines @mariannewines. And if you’ve been winetasting you know the err on the side of commercialism. But not here. This space is all but a delightfully personalized experience! Marrianne is every bit, one first class gem! 🥂👌 There is a manner of care here too. A palpable love which reverberates out – maybe from the very soil itself. From the confessed vine whisperer found in Ernest Manual, the winemaker to the knowledge and passion of the Sommelier you are lucky enough to meet… This place is magic! And if you’re not in the mood to leave..? Well then you’re in luck. Tucked amongst citrus orchards and manicured vineyards are a Cape Dutch inpired Manor House and beautufully appointed Loft Apartments… Be warned though, your departure may include a case filled with Floreal, having fallen head over heels! You’re welcome. 🇿🇦😌✨ . . 📷 @twowolvesroam

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Cape Town Culture

Cape Town is a melting pot. A blend of cultures both foreign and local blend together to create a really unique and always arresting cosmopolitan experience. Being one of mixed descent, I have always had a love of the different. What do I love about Cape Town? If you’re open to stepping into another’s shoes, you will always be welcome.

@kiffcombitours – Now this is a way to see Cape Town! First kiff is the South African word for „super cool“. A kombi is a vintage old skool VW camper van. These two words are as a part of South African culture as slapchips (fries made ZA style) and Ubuntu „I am because we are“. If you‘re in Cape Towm and keen on taking in the city a little differently these guys will definitely add a little more local flavour to your time! Trips like their Urban Safari, Gin Jol and their Street Art and Township Tour are at a smooth ZAR750 to ZAR800. They also do multi-day tours and if you ask nicely, those thirsty for adventure can even design their own! Bonus? You get a kiff cold beer thrown in Mahala (for FREE)! Keep the #kiffkulture going! 🇿🇦✨😌 . . 📷 @kiffkombitours

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If anything, being voted a top city by T+L readers allows Cape Town to be the gateway to the rest of the fabulousness that is the Western Province and opens the opportunity for more people to experience the rest of South Africa and its equally magnetic regions.


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