The Gauteng Province – A Birds Eye View

The Gauteng Province is Made up of the Witwatersrand, Pretoria and Johannesburg and located on the eastern flank of South Africa. The place we call eGoli (“the city of gold); the divergent and almost entirely urban sibling of the Western Provinces pretty and easy going scene, is the starting point for most.

And gone are the days of Johannesburg being “just a connecting flight” between destinations like the Kruger and Cape Town. No, Gauteng’s Joburg has taken its own unique place on the South African tourism calendar and running full throttle in the direction of creative rights.

Johannesburg, Joburg or Jozi which is best visited in the cooler months (May to October) is a hum-drumming oasis amid dense red clay earth. Though it is the economic capital of South Africa, it is also home to a uniquely vibrant street life, set against soaring office blocks and a lively mingling of people of all corners. Home to the largest man-made forest in the world it turns gorgeously green in summer and the ever-present Jacaranda’s set the suburb lanes a dazzling purple in spring.


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And though most know Gauteng’s Jozi’s suburbs of Sandton and Melrose Arch, as a shoppers go-to, Joburg is more than just a shopping mecca. There is a depth of history to this place too. The Orlando Towers in Soweto and its Downtown surrounds, are fascinating and illuminating chapters to the heroes and heroines of our past. It is also home to some of South Africa’s most exciting and innovative street culture with a uniquely Africanized stance. Places like Hillbrow still call musicians and artists of all kinds to stay a little longer. Newtown; home to the legendary Market Theatre and Maboneng has become a staple cultural hub with its lively mix of galleries, workshops, restaurants, bars and loft apartments. And with this nurturing and allowance of creative expression comes growth and expansion, so be prepared for more than 48 hours, because spots likeJoziburg Lane and Work Shop New Town is just the tip of a rather large iceberg.

Last but certainly not ever least, if Palaeontology or Anthropogeny are up your street, the Gauteng Province’s Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is worth a visit. The most famous of which is the Sterkfontein Caves, where some of the world’s most remarkable discoveries of pre-human primate fossils have been made. t is a place unlike anywhere else in the country or indeed the world.

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