The Limpopo Province – A Birds Eye View

The Limpopo Province, which stretches to the far northern reaches of South Africa and borders Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique is characterised by diverse cultures, where seven of South Africa’s eleven official languages are spoken. It is a land with a history braided in myth and legend and where the Modjadji (Balobedu Rain Queens) reigned for over 400 years. It is too a region of vast open spaces and wildlife bar none.

It is home to the jagged spined Soutpansberg, the misty Blouberg mountains and the Makgabeng Plateau with its 890 ancient San and Sotho rock art sites. The Limpopo Province is also a custodian of the Makapansgat caves which held the remains of early man as well as the lost kingdom of Mapungubwe and Africa’s Iron and Stone Age. It is home to the still resolutely independent Venda people who still live among the hilltops, lakes and forests and who still hold a deep reverence and connection to the spirit world beyond.


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Limpopo is too, a caretaker of the infamous Kruger National Park. This is where birds, big cats and rhino reign. Home to the Waterberg, which is dedicated to wildlife conservation also offers malaria-free Big Five game viewing. This is a place where endless skies meet a distinctly South African landscape. And the Marakele National Park is one such place. The best thing about Limpopo though? It is a rarity for travellers to ever venture this far up north, making it one of South Africa’s most prized and tranquil destinations.

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