Two Elderly Men Risk it all to Attend Heavy Metal Concert

Wacken Open Air. The festival two elderly men risked breaking out of their nursing home for.

Nursing homes to most are a place of solitude and calm. A time to take it easy. Activities like bowls, bingo and a game of tennis come to mind. But it appears not all elderly garner the life of serenity and quiet as it was proven by two elderly men who snuck out of their nursing home to attend the world’s biggest metal music festival – The Wacken Open Air.

As German media reports headlines, the two elderly men had to be picked up by police after sneaking out of their nursing home.

The Open Air festival which takes place just outside the northern German town of Wacken celebrated its 30th year over the weekend of 2-4 August. The four-day festival sold out with an expected attendance of 75 000 people this year. And with Headline acts like Danzig, Judas Priest, Hatebreed and In Flames, it seems it was too big an opportunity to pass by for these gents.

Powerwolf - Wacken Open Air 2015-2482

It seems the headline acts for this year’s Wacken were too good to pass up for our headbanging rebels.

According to Deutsche Welle, police found the two metal heads around 3 am at “the Metal Mecca” after being alerted by nursing staff at their retirement home in Dithmarscher who had noticed the two were missing. Just to reiterate, they were caught out at 3 o’clock in the morning by authorities headbanging to heavy metal after breaking out of their nursing home.

Though the gentlemen were described as “disoriented and dazed” at the time, they were also apparently reluctant to leave the four-day festival in Wacken. Police said the two were reportedly escorted home with a taxi and a patrol car as a “precaution”.

The Metal Festival organizers didn’t outright address the senior daredevils, but their official Twitter account made sure to give a shoutout to their elderly fans “because you’re never too old too rock.”

The organisers of Wacken have elaborated on a really simple but important message. That is the understanding that ageing doesn’t mean we lose our individuality. It doesn’t mean we necessarily lose the want of experiencing whatever sets our individual souls on fire! The reality is for some, tranquillity and quiet are what is most needed or wanted, but for others – like our two rebel elders – there is a need and a want to get out into a pit and mosh!

But if anything these two gents can teach us, is that you’re never too old to rock.

Two elderly men break out of their nursing home to attend the @wacken festival this year proving you're never too old to rock! <3

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